5 Ways to Transform Your Results With Dental Analytics


5 Ways to Transform Your Results With Dental Analytics

Feb 09, 2021

It’s sort of like that proverbial “chicken-or-the-egg” discussion. 

As in – what’s first – data or your business?

Frankly, it’s not an either-or when you ponder the future of KPI dashboards in dentistry.

The business of dentistry is all about data. 

That’s why other industry professionals are outpacing their competitors because they’re invested in it.

Time to level-up

Perhaps you’ve been monitoring the data in your dental practice or DSO. 


But it’s time to take a more strategic approach and actually leverage it for new opportunities.

But you’re gonna need a better set of tools. Something besides a spreadsheet. a DIY/in-house data management system, or a dashboard that doesn’t scale with your business.

It’s time for a dashboard that gathers data around your practice or organizational KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

A data analytics platform (with a baked-in KPI monitoring) separates the “amateurs” from the “pros.” 

How the future of KPI-centric dashboards in dentistry is improving business outcomes

1- More “horsepower” at less cost

No doubt, technology provides a more “intelligent” way to monitor your business of dentistry workflows and systems. But how much tech is enough to achieve your goals?

The power of a KPI-themed dental dashboard is its one-stop, intelligence capabilities. Imagine the savings in time, training…and costs if everything you need is contained in one platform.

2- Streamlined productivity and efficient workflows

There’s proof in the data relative to practice and organizational efficiency. You’ll also set better and more accurate performance measurables when you have a platform dedicated to analyzing them.

There are applications to:

  • Your hygiene team(s)
  • Your front-office, business team(s)
  • Your clinical teams(s)

Within each of those practice and organizational zones are dozens of daily routines that can be tracked. Each with the goal of increasing productivity towards production.

3- Do everything better

Your practice or DSO relies on a commitment to excellence. And that has to be more than a few words on your vision statement. 

In fact, excellence is a daily value. Practically speaking, it shows up in those daily metrics that reveal how you and your team are doing relative to your KPIs.

Those KPIs are fully viewable in a dental dashboard.

  • Schedule to production ratios
  • Appointment to re-appointment ratios
  • New patient acquisition to patient retention ratios
  • Treatment plans to case acceptance ratios
  • Clinical outcomes to follow-up ratios

Remember, what’s measured gets improved.

4- Decision clarity

Daily decisions call for clear thinking. The data in front of you helps or hinders that process.

A KPI-friendly dental dashboard helps you sort and qualify key decision points without the mental clutter. Less mental debris translates to better decisions leading to profitable outcomes.

5- Scalable access to data across your organization

Multiple providers or multiple offices come with a massive amount of data. It’s the benefit and the challenge of growth. 

And while it’s preferable to have alignment across your organization – you will want to have real-time access to comprehensive data from each. That’s possible with a KPI-oriented dashboard. 

The future won’t wait

Competition isn’t going anywhere

Those who tap into the insights provided by data analytics will begin to move away from the pack. Dashboard technology keeps your practice or DSO agile.

Goals require insight

Business intelligence (BI) enables you to set more accurate goals. The data you routinely monitor provides true-north guidance to keep you in sync with your organizational KPIs.

Automation is evolving

Data comes at you from multiple points throughout your practice or organization. A KPI-centric dashboard funnels those data-points into an operational script you can implement and profit from. 

Data analytics have transitioned from maybe to must-have

DSOs are complex. That complexity will increase if you’re at all in tune with the data that’s driving your success.

A KPI-focused dashboard allows you customize and scale those insights across your practice(s). It’s not an if but when scenario for thriving businesses. 


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An all-in-one dental KPI dashboard for DSO, group practice, and solo private practice success

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on-track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands


  • Integrates seamlessly with your chosen practice management software/platform
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