Take Advantage of the Future of Analytics in Dentistry


Take Advantage of the Future of Analytics in Dentistry

Jan 26, 2021

The ability to diagnose and treat is core to dentistry.

You create a treatment plan according to the information available to you.

That same diagnostic relevance is also core to the future of business intelligence (BI) in dentistry.

Clinical dentistry and the business of dentistry require you to take action based on data. Much of the information is low-hanging “fruit” – easy to pick and use.

Dental Analytics climbs a bit higher. It provides access to information that helps you monitor performance across your practice(s) or organization…and take action based on available data.

Are you tracking or reacting?

Information is useful as it shapes your systems and workflows. Intelligent information gives you more to work within the creation of those processes.

True, dentistry is about healthcare. But as a provider, you’re also tasked with keeping your business viable so you can expand your care capacity.

Most report-gathering casts too broad of a net to produce actionable data. 

  • Random reports appear cluttered with irrelevant information
  • Decisions are made emotionally rather than strategically
  • Data is skewed by metrics that lack substance
  • Future outcomes are clouded by what appears urgent (but not important) today

So, what is dental analytics?

Industries and companies have used business intelligence for decades. Their primary use of assimilated data focuses on performance improvement. 

  • Tracking steady growth markers
  • Evaluating financial health
  • Planning for ongoing business success
  • Improving decision-making processes
  • Creating cost-cutting procedures
  • Spotting new business/sector opportunities

Think of dental analytics as more than mere reporting or as a tool for data mining. Dental Analytics is what drives the “usefulness” of your dental dashboard.

It enables you to make more “intelligent” decisions about the currents facing your dental practice or DSO. And it gives you valuable insight into the future so you can create a practical path to new opportunities in the care you provide.

Plot your dental practice or DSO future with dental analytics

The goal is always to improve patient care. The collateral effect will naturally touch your production (business) growth.

Centralize your data

Dental Analytics helps refine your data into a storable asset. It’s secure, accurate, and sharable within your practice or across your organization.

Data specifics can include:

  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Patient reviews, surveys, and feedback
  • Workflows and operational systems
  • Financial metrics and other business of dentistry measurables
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for clinical outcomes and business performance

Improve patient care processes

Practice or organizational operations can vary in complexity. Bottom-line is that your patient care outcomes align provider to provider or practice to practice within your organization.

Basic dental analytics in your clinical zones reveal…

  • Symptom sourced treatment planning
  • Patient volumes that can be matched with available staff energies
  • Supply chain management capacity
  • Patient engagement that prompts provider awareness and maximizes patient visit time
  • Follow-up care opportunities

Dental Analytics streamlines the integration of patient medical histories and their current treatment plans. It also opens the door for patients to “own” the care journey and utilize secure online patient portals for scheduling, providing essential information, and billing. 

Innovate around clinical and business trends

Digital workflows are the new frontier for your dental practice(s) or dental organization. BI trends are helping automate routine care, patient follow-up and engagement, and tap into care histories to assure timely treatment.

The stored information is accessible when needed. And dental analytics platforms within a dental dashboard can help you/your providers visualize patient care outcomes…and collaborate as necessary.

Care analytics are now essential within dentistry – as with other healthcare providers. 

  • Data can be processed in context with ongoing care needs
  • Data “storytelling” reveals where care can and should be directed
  • Data can be curated to assist with care-based decisions

Overall, dental analytics (while seeming somewhat technical) presents your practice(s) and/or your DSO with an opportunity to be even more personal with your patient care. Data helps you be more intuitive about the treatment you provide.

And the more informed your intuition the more successful your outcomes.

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