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Most DSOs run with outdated spreadsheets filled with stale data and gut-feel. Jarvis unleashes dark data deep inside your practice management system and helping you grow, drive better decisions, and turning today’s toughest challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Powerful Dental Analytics Platform

Jarvis Roots for Your Growth and Success

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One Flexible Platform

Jarvis offers a single-source-of-truth that pulls real-time and historical data from any source, including your practice management system.

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Connect to Data in Real-Time

Whether you are running on one unified platform or many, Jarvis will seamlessly integrate with your practice management system(s) and work in the background.

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Future-Proof and Scalable

As your organization grows, we grow with you, so you don’t have to go searching for a new data platform every time you acquire a new practice or add a few new locations.

Dental Business Intelligence Solution

Jarvis Delivers Insights for Everyone in Your DSO

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For Everyone

From the executive team to the finance, from the regional managers to office managers, we built Jarvis for everyone in your DSO for everyday use.

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Sometimes you are at a board meeting on your tablet, other times on the road, or at home on your computer. Your data analytics platform is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Your DSO’s needs are modular in nature. Some employees should have access to specific data, and some should access certain modules. Jarvis allows an infinite amount of provisioning within a module, brand, office, or region.

Robust and Secure Dental KPI Dashboard

Jarvis Ensures Enterprise-Grade Security & Governance

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Secure by Design

Our customers trust us with their most sensitive data. We provide the industry-standard mechanisms to safely and securely store, transmit, and process Protected Health Information (PHI) data with end-to-end encryption during rest and transit.

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Data Compliance

Jarvis has tools that help you comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and PIPEDA requirements. Jarvis offers end-to-end encryption at rest (AES-256) and during transit (RSA 2048), providing robust safety and security for patient data. Jarvis lives on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, one of the most resilient, secure and high performance cloud infrastructure environments in the world.

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Single Sign-On

Jarvis supports secure authorization single sign-on (SSO) using industry-standard Open Authentication (Auth2.0) protocol. Jarvis can act as an Identity Provider (IDP) or as a Service Provider (SP).

A Powerful Dental Dashboard

Jarvis Pulls Your Data Together Regardless of Where It Sits

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Your Success Matters to Us

Jarvis was designed and built from the ground up with DSOs for DSOs. We help DSOs achieve YoY growth and gain a competitive advantage. This is why we work closely with you to ensure Jarvis is customized for you and your needs.

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Customization and Flexibility

Other dental data analytics platforms are restrictive, one-dimensional, or they are not made for DSOs. Jarvis is flexible, customizable, and comprehensive. From the first phone call with our team to your first a-ha moment with your data, everything you need for success is included!

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Built with DSOs for DSOs

Jarvis was built with DSOs for DSOs. It’s like we asked the top DSOs what would be the perfect platform for them, and we built it for them from scratch. This is why leading Private Equity (PE) backed groups love and rely on Jarvis.

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