Are you the DSO of The Future?


Are you the DSO of The Future?

Nov 16, 2020

COVID-19 has already impacted millions of businesses and disrupted business continuity for companies around the globe. However, there is a reason for hope. Big data has fundamentally changed our capacity to combat a threat like COVID-19 and adapt for the future.

Organizations that gain insight into their business in new and innovative ways will always outperform those that don’t.

In our fast-changing and highly competitive world, DSO leaders need real-time access to data to stay informed and make timely decisions. But when they request data from their team/offices/practices they own or about to acquire, they are often told it would take several days to pull everything together. This delay prevents them from identifying new business opportunities.

But there’s another way, which some of the biggest and fastest-growing DSO leaders have already discovered: Jarvis Analytics.

Jarvis is a secure, cloud-based platform that provides real-time access to DSO data across the organization. It integrates seamlessly with practice management systems, and in a few clicks, you can know your numbers, maximize performance, increase your ROI, and unlock the true potential of your DSO.

Jarvis offers real-time data and response, even when using obscene volumes of data, so when a DSO leader asks a team member a question like
“How many patients left the practice without making a future appointment for hygiene recare?”
“How much production has been left unscheduled?”, they’re able to provide an immediate answer.

Jarvis also provides aggregate views from all your practices; collects all of your analytics, KPIs, reporting, projections, patient, finance, and communications data all under one roof, so everyone can trust the data they’re using is relevant, real-time, recent, reliable and comprehensive because no one wants to waste time discussing whether data is accurate or relevant when you could be discussing what it means for the organization. With a tool like Jarvis, gut-feelings become informed decisions; it’s an important distinction, particularly as there’s little room for error when running a competitive enterprise with a growth projection.

Today’s DSOs generate vast amounts of data, but all these data sources need to be brought together in a meaningful way.
Spreadsheets based on a mishmash of data that’s a month out of date are no use to anyone.
But real-time insight into what happened across the organization over the past 24 hours?… that could give you a serious competitive advantage for your growing business.

Take our Marketing Matchback module. Many DSOs have recently changed their marketing channel investments too. Jarvis allows them to recognize immediately when spending on a particular channel is delivering sub-optimal results, allowing them to switch to an alternative one quickly.

In fact, we’re already helping a large DSO predict how, in a world where their customers’ ability to visit dental practices has been massively restricted, they can maximize marketing opportunities for a specific channel.

All our modules are designed to offer the same intuitive experience DSOs have come to expect from Jarvis. DSO employees in thousands of locations use our platform every day as part of their decision-making, operational efficiency, workflow process. It gives them full visibility across offices, allowing them to identify interesting trends quickly and overlay them with other data sources to make business decisions.

In other words, our solution allows DSO leaders to do more with data than they ever could before. It fuels their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness, which ultimately leads to better business decisions, fuel growth, and, ultimately, unlock the true potential of their DSOs.

With Jarvis, everyone in your organization, at any level, can access the same datasets to help them make faster decisions. But are you ready for the accountability that comes with this level of access to real-time data? Putting high-value data in the hands of all your teams is a cultural shift that can unlock huge rewards. But DSO leaders need to ensure everyone is open to the new ways of working that go hand in hand with being a data-driven organization. It’s just one of the many challenges DSO leaders will face in the future. Indeed, their role is arguably more difficult now than at any time in the recent history of dental support organizations. But the events of the past few months will also open up opportunities for reimagining how businesses operate. And DSO leaders who have access to real-time, accurate, and easily accessible data can ensure their organization is ready to embrace them.

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