How to Use Data Analytics in Your Morning Huddle to Increase Practice Success


How to Use Data Analytics in Your Morning Huddle to Increase Practice Success

Feb 02, 2021

If you’re looking for a daily dental practice “linchpin” of sorts…it could be your morning huddle.

A meeting? Really?


But the bigger picture is – how you’re using your morning dental team huddle for data analysis and more.

A morning huddle that’s a priority and that’s on-task trickles into every aspect of your day-to-day dental practice workflows.

  • Patient care improvements
  • Team synergy and collaboration
  • Overall practice productivity and profitability


  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) tracking and refinement

Time well spent

Basically, your morning huddles are a small-time investment…with huge returns (as previously noted).

A 15-minute time slot is a good baseline and essentially all that’s needed.

It’s common for dental practices who participate in morning huddles to outproduce those who do not by 30%.

Again, the benefits create a surge of energy across every practice department – from front desk to clinical outcomes.

And about your KPIs…

  • Review and strategize filling holes in your schedule
  • Track currently scheduled patients with unscheduled treatment
  • Anticipate and trouble-shoot cancellations and no-shows
  • Collaborate and build-out team goals 

Indeed, numbers are a core part of your morning huddle routine. Beyond a review of KPIs and essential metrics, there are other drivers that help assure you’re using your daily time effectively.

Finding common ground for the success of your morning huddle (around the data that matters)

Where have you been? (A look back at the previous day)

Your KPIs are fueled by an honest and revealing assessment of a day’s workflow. It makes sense that you’ll improve what your measure (and evaluate).

There are variety of “numbers” that require you/your team’s attention. And it’s equally important how you “frame” and talk about those in your daily huddle. 

Practices that routinely achieve top performance in key areas theme their daily review with specifics such as:

  • Three things “we” did well yesterday


  • One area “we” will focus on improving

Collaboration around those two points of emphasis will help drive the success of your huddle conversations…and your daily results going forward (especially as they’re aligned with your KPIs).

Where are we now? (A look at today)

This is practically a brief review of “who” – as in “who’s on today’s schedule?” It’s important to note that the “who” might bring more with them than what’s currently on the books.

This is where unscheduled treatment, family members who are unscheduled, and unused/remaining insurance benefits come into focus.

An awareness of the day’s yet untapped potential can create a proactive vibe throughout your team. Personal responsibility and ownership of your schedule will increase as a result of this huddle emphasis.

Where are we going? (A preview of tomorrow)

The schedule naturally gets all the attention. And it should.

But there’s more to schedule management than a quick review of names and treatment within a time-block. What if you increased the level of intentionality?

A better talking-point during huddle could be a strategic assessment of those patients who…

  • Need treatment (no doubt)
  • Have an amount of remaining insurance benefits
  • Have family members with unscheduled treatment
  • Are known to pay their out-of-pocket promptly

This and more can be mined from the data you can access and bring up for strategic discussion during the morning huddle.

A common denominator of successful dental practices is certainly a morning huddle routine. Alongside that daily routine is a fearless and intentional focus on a specific KPI within the huddle’s agenda. 

Team engagement and collaboration around the morning huddle and personal ownership of available data creates synergy and smoother workflows. The natural result is overall practice growth and profitability. 

It’s true…your morning huddle sets the tone for your day’s production. And the data you review and discuss can energize your team(s) and organization’s success. 

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