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Ways to Bring Order to the Chaos of the Front Office

In this episode of Talks at Jarvis, Melissa Marquez, COO of Jarvis Analytics, talks to Dr. Ryan Hunter, Dr. Ryan Hungate DDS, MS. CEO & Founder of Simplifeye, about the tactics you need to apply in order to maintain growth during these times of uncertainty and how you can build the foundations for recovery.

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What Your Data Reveals When Referring Out Specialty Services

In this episode of Talks at Jarvis, Melissa Marquez, COO of Jarvis Analytics, talks to Santosh Patel, President, and Co-Founder at Complete Specialty Solutions, about when to offer specialty services to keep the patients (and profits) in-house.

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How to Prepare Your Teams for Patient Calls in 2021

In this episode of Talks at Jarvis, Melissa Marquez, COO of Jarvis Analytics, talks to Katie Tinkle, Strategic Consultant (Healthcare) at Call Box, about the strategies and solutions dental marketers can use to turn callers into new dental patients.

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Actionable insights, resources from our team, our customers, and industry experts

How Jarvis Helped Marquee's Growth

In this short video, Fred Ward, CEO of Marquee Dental Partners, explains how a data analytics platform fueled his DSO’s explosive growth and enabled his do-no-harm partnership approach.

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Secrets to the Best Performing Clinical Teams

Our Chief Operating Officer, Melissa Marquez, joined Dr. Rodney Alles, Chief of Clinical Affairs for DECA Dental, Dr. Parth Patel, CEO of Smile Culture Dental to discuss the Secrets to the Best Performing Clinical Teams, DSO data analytics, and KPIs.

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What is the most important metric for measuring success in a DSO?

In this video, our Chief Operating Office Melissa Marquez answers Dr. Charles Moser's, VP of Community Engagement, DEO, questions about KPIs, morning huddles, and important metrics every successful DSO should be looking at.

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DSO Acquisitions: A Better Due Diligence Process

Both the financial and the clinical due diligence are fundamental tasks for any DSO considering an acquisition but pulling together practice data from multiple systems can be a very time-consuming and tedious task.

Our COO Melissa Marquez explains how Jarvis Analytics could be used during the due diligence process to arrive at an accurate and full picture.

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Dental Marketing in 2021 - Marketing Matchback and Online Scheduling

Marketing your dental business involves planning and creativity, but if you’re not following up your marketing efforts with a deep dive into your data, your efforts will likely be in vain. Data tells you who your patients are. If they are new patients or your current ones. It helps you identify characteristics and track behaviors. With data, you can build a better plan for your marketing efforts and create a funnel that turns your website visitors into new patients.

So the question is... how do you identify data points that matter and extract precisely the data you need to grow your practice?

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Insight into Effective Growth Strategies for a Dental Group

Keith Miller and Dr. Greg Kerbel of Partnerships for Dentists talk about how technology helped P4D’s significant growth and give invaluable insight into effective growth strategies for a dental group.

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