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The Unique Contribution of Dental Hygiene Metrics to Your Success

What’s tracked is improved…but how do you know what to track - especially relative to your dental hygiene metrics?

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Data-Centric Strategies to Pivot Your Dental Marketing

Your dental dashboard is a key player in “mining” data for your dental marketing strategy…knowing where to look and what to use is essential.

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Data Security for Your Dental Dashboard That You (and Your Patients) Can Trust

Trust is earned…but it can be easily lost. That’s more than enough reason to secure your technology - including your dental dashboard.

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eBook and Case Studies

Actionable insights, resources from our team, our customers and industry experts

Carolina Fellows Family Dentistry

Saves Time and Money with Jarvis

Jarvis Analytics saved Carolina Fellows Family Dentistry $15,000-$20,000 per year on reporting software and services. See how the organization used to spend more than three weeks compiling reports and with Jarvis Analytics, they can now get the same reports in three hours.

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Iowa Dental Associates Case Study

Enhancing Performance and Profitability with Jarvis Analytics

Discover how Iowa Dental Associates, a rapidly expanding dental organization with seven locations, leveraged the power of Jarvis Analytics to revolutionize their data analysis and drive organizational success.

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Data-Driven Dentistry

A Simple Guide for Applying Dental Analytics in Your Practice

As a dental office manager, dentist or dental professional, are you leveraging what is one of your most powerful resources?

Learn how to harness the power of data to make informed decisions, enhance patient care, and streamline practice operations.

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From Insights to Outcomes

How Three DSOs Utilize Analytics for Growth and Engagement

Rising operational costs and staffing challenges continue to plague the healthcare industry — and dental service organizations are no strangers to these issues.

However, technology can help dental leaders effectively navigate these challenges. explore how data and analytics can offer operational, clinical and staff support,

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Dental Industry Benchmark Report 2023

The State of the Business

The purpose of this report is to provide dental executive leaders with an idea of how the average dental organization performs based on data we have collated from thousands of practices.

This report also will give you information about where there is an opportunity to grow your dental organization and what you can do to remove obstacles and clear line of sight to patients and profitability.

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Buyer's Guide: Key Questions To Ask Any Dental Analytics Vendor

When it comes to choosing which dental analytics platform is right for you, the market is saturated with options and new ones emerging every day. Parsing between software vendors, consulting firms, IT companies, and in-house analytics platforms is the first difficult choice to make, and each has its advantages.

Whether you’ve narrowed down your list of possible vendors to a select few, or are just beginning your search, getting answers for the questions we outlined in this Buyer’s Guide will put you on the path to dental analytics success.

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The Modern Chief Finance Officer’s Guide to Data Universe

How Finance Teams and their Leaders Can Revolutionize The Business Through Data and Dashboard

This eBook provides an in-depth look at how advanced dental analytics and dashboards can be leveraged to conduct real-time and predictive analytics.

It will offer a detailed discussion of the key actions that dental CFOs can take to effectively plan and implement company-wide data and analytics transformation.

It is for the executive team, CFOs, accountants, consultants, and finance teams.

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Unlock The Power of Data Existing Within Your Practice Management System

5 Important Steps to Follow

In this eBook, we cover why data analytics for your dental group is a top business priority. We look at the value of big data and its advantages as an early mover in the business intelligence game.

We provide you with a step-by-step roadmap that will unlock the full value of the data that already exists within your practice management system.

It is for the executive team, CIO, CEOs, COOs, Technical teams, Operation teams, and Field teams.

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The Modern Chief Marketing Officer’s Guide to Data Universe

A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence

This eBook provides the starting point, provide best practices in dental dashboard creation, data sources to use to power the dashboard, and examples of specific marketing-focused dental dashboard modules.

So, if data quality, access to real-time data, insights into marketing campaigns, time-consuming manual reports are some of your problems, and you keep hearing "the systems don’t talk to each other”, then you might want to download this eBook!

It is for the executive team, CEOs, CMOs, marketing teams, and consultants.

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Choosing the Right Data Analytics Platform

Executive Guide to Leading a Data Analytics Initiative

If you’re evaluating data analytics and the dental dashboard platform, you may be unsure where to start. Ultimately, this is not about eliminating providers that are wrong, but rather, identifying the right path to the data analytics platform for your business.

This eBook covers the key challenges and considerations for organizations evaluating data analytics to provide data-driven insight to their teams.

It is for the executive team, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CMOs.

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Dental Dashboard

When it comes to data analytics, a new and innovative approach is vital if dental groups are to survive and thrive in today’s competitive dental market.

In this eBook, we will cover the four reasons why you need a dental dashboard for your dental business today to avoid being left behind in today’s highly competitive dental market.

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