Can Dental Data Analytics Improve Your Operational & Clinical Outcomes?


Can Dental Data Analytics Improve Your Operational & Clinical Outcomes?

Dec 16, 2020

Sports analogies confirm it. 

High performance is the result of not just one “star” but the combined talents of a team. 

The same could apply to how you use data analytics to improve your dental organization’s operational and clinical outcomes.

Every dental practice and the organization formed via expansion includes high-performance factors.

  • Production and profitability drivers
  • Core and specialty services
  • KPIs and relevant metrics

Each uniquely reveals a contribution to organizational success – clinically and operationally.

High-performance data analytics you can use to improve operational and clinical outcomes in a DSO

Prioritize patient care for clinical integrity

What you see isn’t always an accurate reflection of reality. This applies to clinical management. 

Wisdom here allows that people (patients) aren’t the measurable asset. But your patient care standard is!

  • Deploy a dental dashboard to track all of your clinical data
  • Monitor patient-facing workflows with a focus on treatment planning protocols
  • Be bold and diligent with setting KPIs.

And speaking of KPIs relative to patient care…

  • Focus on production per hour and per patient metrics
  • Analyze your patient reappointment data across the organization
  • Dissect treatment planning and case acceptance percentages to spot gaps, trends, and improvement specifics

Monitor trends instead of isolated incidents

What’s measured gets improved. That mantra follows how important it is to identify trends within your organization.

The more intuitive other practices and organizations are with their measurable data – the more effective their improvements. Make sure yours is leading the pack!

  • Train your intuition to spot and interpret organizational and industry trends relevant to your progress
  • Identify where correlations occur so you can maximize any useful adaptations across your organization.
  • Be comfortable with “trial-and-error” action without compromising your patient care standard.
  • Rely on a comprehensive dental dashboard to filter trend related data for direct application to your organization’s KPIs

Spend time in-the-trenches of your organization

Establish a recognized presence in the daily operations across your DSO. But guard against perceived micro-management.

This is about being engaged, not controlling. Good leadership embraces the autonomy of each practice within your organization – while being in tune with the trends unique to their individual operational structure.

  • Be aware of trendsetters as you respect each provider’s individual contribution to the organization as a whole.
  • Be generous with your clinical and managerial perspectives and wisdom. Apply useful data-derived input where it fits rather than an across-the-board roll-out.
  • Be conscious of actual on-the-field dynamics instead of relying solely on data-mining. Dentistry happens in real-time on real-people who invest their hard-earned resources in their oral health.
  • Be careful to stay “human” in your operational reviews. Keep management personal while using data analytics to sharpen your perspective.

No doubt data analytics can energize your organization’s success. Check out the following resources to gain insight into how you can use them effectively:

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An all-in-one dental KPI dashboard for DSO, group practice, and solo private practice success

Managing your metrics, data, and essential KPIs requires an amount of time and energy. Streamline the process with an all-in-one solution that includes the essential capabilities expected from a dental dashboard.

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on-track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands


  • Integrates seamlessly with your chosen practice management software/platform
  • Presents the metrics you want and need in an easy-to-view dental dashboard that reduces data complexity for growing dental practices, dental groups, and DSOs

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