Before You Invest – Know the Key Questions to Ask a Dental Analytics Vendor


Before You Invest – Know the Key Questions to Ask a Dental Analytics Vendor

Jun 22, 2021

You get it!

I mean, you’ve discovered (or heard) that what’s measured gets improved.

Frankly, that’s the reason you should know the key questions to ask a dental analytics vendor. A data analytics solution is way too important to leave to chance.

Solution overwhelm?

Let’s assume that you’ve established the need for a data analytics strategy for your dental practice or dental organization. Now that you’ve nailed that down, the big question is how to sort through the growing list of vendors.

All that available data is like dumping a box of Legos on the floor. Without a guide (or an amount of creativity) you’re left to make sense of all the pieces.

Being a data-driven practice requires data-deciphering expertise. And if you want to know how credible their solutions are you’ll need to ask questions.

Not just any questions, mind you. But the right questions to attain the most accurate data analytics solution for your needs.

Key questions that clarify your vendor’s expertise and narrow your options for a data analytics solution

Platforms might appear to be an apples-to-apples comparison. Yet, there are core qualities that separate the best among them.

The following questions are key. And so are the answers that align with each.

Let’s get “technical” (Tech related questions to ask about data analytics solutions)

1- “How often is my data being synched?”

A preliminary discussion would need to involve whether your circumstances require ongoing, real-time analysis. Or if you’ll be conducting analysis on the back-side (after the fact).

That discussion will reveal the capability of a system.

  • Traditional dental analytic systems tend to take a conventional approach. The downside is a lag-time that (depending on the sorted data) can take hours or days.
  • Modern, innovative data analytic systems follow a more real-time data sort. You can count on faster analytics thus more well-timed decisions.

2- “Can I connect all my data sources from across all my locations on one platform?”

A seamless and effortless connection should be baked into a sole platform. This will enable either one location or multiple locations with different PM systems to be on the same page for the analytics you want to track.

3- “Are the analytics customizable to each of my different teams and their unique roles within each?”

Dental organizations are “modular” in nature. A data analytics platform should deliver comprehensive insights but it can also narrow the data search via certain applicable modules.

Going with the flow (Questions to ask about functionality and customization)

1- “Can I view more than one location, all locations, or custom groups of locations across reports and dashboards?”

Data comes at you fast and in a variety of forms these days. And data that’s siloed isn’t easy to integrate, customize or aggregate for your purposes – clinically or operationally.

Welcome capabilities include:

  • Connection with a single dashboard that presents viewable data for solo practice, a group of practices, or that can be aggregated across all your practices within your organization.
  • Delivery of real-time, customized reports that are aligned with roles and functions.

2- “Can I be flexible with the metrics I track such as production and new patients or am I tied to the platform’s design?”

Dental analytics shouldn’t be restricted. You should be able to track and analyze the data that aligns with your comprehensive business strategy.

Expect to produce different data sets for the different metrics you want to track. Start by defining the metrics that matter to you and your practice(s).

  • Invest time in KPIs that drive your outcomes
  • Confirm customization and flexibility capacity

3- “What advanced options can I expect when attaching my dental practices to your analytics platform?”

Right off the top here are a few to measure the platform’s scalability:

  • Front-office workflows: follow-up lists and more that drive appointments and production
  • Clinical and business KPIs to improve patient care standards
  • Operational trends that scope out the past 12 months without the need for multiple reports
  • Practice and organizational goals that allow comparisons to actual/scheduled production and that forecast results
  • Morning Huddle and End of Day reporting

Got-your-back (Questions to nail down support and implementation details)

1- “Do you provide resources and team training?”

Success shouldn’t be up to chance. Help is a given when investing in a robust analytics platform.

Beyond the built-in support and help database, training augments the system via phone, an online portal, or routine, targeted webinars.

2- “Will my patient’s health and financial data be highly secured?”

This is a fundamental question of trust. And it’s one that should go without saying.

The highest standards are the expected norm. For example, those platforms that reside on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud can expect the most resilient, secure, and high-performance cloud-based infrastructure available in the world.

3- “What happens if something goes wrong?”

Issues can and do happen. When they do a support team is ready to directly fix the problem and confirm that you’re comfortable with the solution.

There’s no place for a “good luck” or delayed response to a troubleshooting “ticket.” Help-is-on-the-way is the benchmark response.

What you’re really looking for is an all-in-one dental dashboard

Jarvis Analytics prefers you ask the above-mentioned questions and many more. The good news is we’re prepared to answer them in much the same way as noted – and then some.

The Jarvis Data Analytics Platform helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands.


  • Integrates seamlessly with your chosen practice management software/platform
  • Presents the metrics you want and need in an easy-to-view dental dashboard that reduces data complexity for growing dental practices, dental groups, and DSOs

Experience Jarvis in action. Request a demo today!


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