4 Keys to Success Using a Dental KPI Dashboard


4 Keys to Success Using a Dental KPI Dashboard

Dec 09, 2020

Successful outcomes require being intentional. And one of the keys for your organization is focusing your intentions on the ways a dental KPI dashboard leads to the success of a DSO (or a group dental practice network and a thriving solo private practice).

If you follow our blog you know we place a lot of intentionality on data measurement. And for good reason.

Whats measured gets improved. Even more, is analyzing and measuring the right performance metrics – your KPIs!

Reducing (or totally eliminating) data overwhelm

If you’re a DSO, a group practice, or even a high volume solo private practice you’re aware of the massive amounts of data your practice management system hosts.

Funneling your information into a dental KPI dashboard gives you a more accurate vision of whats creating profitable production for your organization. The beauty of a dental dashboard (generally speaking) is its capability to distill your data into useful reports.

  • Metrics for improving performance across all of your departments
  • Metrics that enable better long-range planning decisions for practice and/or organizational growth

Four keys to a dental KPI dashboard and DSO success

1. Simplified report creation

As earlier noted – data is an asset but its also overwhelming. Adding to the overwhelm is sorting the measurables via your reporting process.

Practice/office managers would probably agree – manually exporting and organizing practice data into a readable form is time-intensive. Deciphering the useful nuggets” for implementation is equally heavy.

A dental KPI dashboard has a core benefit…

Data aggregation

Even better…your requested and essential data is assembled in real-time. 

  • Virtually no sorting required
  • Reports are electronically generated – eliminating paper
  • Report data can be securely emailed and shared across your organization
  • In-the-moment perspective on KPIs throughout your practice/organization

2. Drill-down into practice and/or organizational performance metrics

Some reports merely scratch-the-surface of your data. While useful its more vital to your success that you gain a deeper insight into whats driving (or prohibiting) it.

What you think you should be measuring and what actually needs measuring could be two different things. For example, patients who leave without scheduling or those who break appointments should be measured next to those youve converted to treatment, etc.

Deeper insights could also include:

  • Month-to-date and year-to-date perspective
  • Production per provider ratios across your organization
  • Procedure profitability comparisons

Quick access to deep insights via a KPI dashboard also helps drive strategic planning for your organization.

3. Establish, refine, and track goals for your practice(s) and providers

Goals are of course a common performance driver. Goal achievement is an effective performance measurable. 

Your ability to set, refine, and monitor your practice and provider goals enables you to know what’s working…and what requires adjustment. A dental KPI dashboard gives you that essential organizational data.

  • Know what providers are hitting their goal targets
  • Gain insight into team/HR issues that are affecting overall production goals (e.g. time/days off, etc)
  • What marketing strategies are increasing patient acquisition and patient retention?

4. Maximize time usage

As you know time is the foundation of your practice/organizations production. Available time is at the mercy of how well its managed throughout each day.

It would make sense to avoid time-drains…especially those associated with reporting and data mining.

”Dental KPI dashboards save the average multi-location group manager 1+ hours a day and 6+ hours a month for the average practice.”

An extra hour per day might not seem like much. But what it could total in patient engagement, patient acquisition, patient retention for each practice in your organization would be to your advantage.

  • Time for patient contact and follow-up
  • Time for your providers treating patients rather than analyzing data
  • Time for production and revenue increase

In essence, a dental KPI dashboard functions somewhat as a linchpin team member within each practice throughout your organization. Its an investment with high ROI if you make the most of its capabilities.

An all-in-one dental KPI dashboard for DSOs, group practices, and solo private practice success

Managing your metrics, data, and essential KPIs requires an amount of time and energy. Streamline the process with an all-in-one solution that includes the essential capabilities expected from a dental dashboard.

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps assure that youre tracking the important metrics and staying on-track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands


  • Integrates seamlessly with your chosen practice management software/platform
  • Presents the metrics you want and need in an easy-to-view dental dashboard that reduces data complexity for growing dental practices, dental groups, and DSOs

Experience Jarvis in action. Request a demo today!


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