Use Your Dental Organization’s Data Sources to Solve Business Problems

Dec 14, 2021

Life-hack culture has taught us to look beneath the surface for new solutions. Data analytics does the same when you need to solve business problems in your dental organization.

Data science isn’t just something to keep tech-savvy individuals occupied. There’s a depth of knowledge and solutions lurking within your dental organization’s data – relevant to all.

The data is there for analysis – but more important – to be used as a solution catalyst.

In case you’re wondering about data analytics…

Problem complexity drives your reliance on data. Some challenges or problems require more than human intuition.

Time is revenue. Thus the more time you can save getting to a solution the better.

Data analytics makes this possible. Keep the following practical definitions on-hand – especially related to problem-solving.

”Basically, Data Analytics is the extraction of valuable information from unstructured or structured data by using various algorithms, tools, methods, and techniques. This technology also helps to display all the things that are efficiently working on the various platforms of social media, marketing, content writing, and much more. Data Analytics particularly helps to discover the likes and dislikes of your customers which you can take into account for the betterment of the whole organization.” [1]

”The answers to your toughest problems are right in front of you. The best source for the data needed to solve your business problems is your business. The challenge is in the actual size of the data. Human eyes cannot see patterns in datasets this massive. It takes a computer, often more than one, and analytics to harvest meaningful insight. Data analytics and business intelligence can use KPIs to identify priorities based on the relevant data for that problem.” [2]

Make data analysis a common default when you’re faced with a problem. You might uncover more than you can use but you’ll also reach a more informed solution.

How to use your data sources to solve business problems across your dental organization

Collect and clarify the details

Flyover, big-picture perspective is useful for problem-solving. But there are beneath the surface details that must be uncovered as well.

Data analytics helps “mine” the details you might otherwise miss. For example, data analysis helps you determine if a problem is on-trend or simply an isolated incident.

This discovery could prevent unnecessary energy and resources from being wasted. Or (if data points to a trend) it could save you from future, related problems.

Past, present, and future details are worth exploring. Data analysis brings those details to light.

Increase your reliance on automation

Time, energy, and available resources can produce limitations for your team(s). Automating your systems can maximize your team energies…and keep a more consistent eye on operational/business problems.

Keep in mind that algorithmic tools might encounter some challenges they’re ill-equipped to solve. Human input and discovery will be necessary for such circumstances.

For the most part, you’ll find that automation provides capable analysis for most problems faced by your dental organization. The time and energy savings will be worth it for your team(s).

Create solution-based “templates”

Data analytics exposes you to a lot of information. Most of it is useful across a variety of problem scenarios.

A well-worn path is easier to follow than having to create a new one each time you face a problem in your organization. That applies to how you use the data from previously solved problems.

Some problems have a unique DNA of sorts. Others might resemble those you’ve faced before.

  • Establish reference points from previous (related) data analysis
  • Do a comparative analysis and create data templates that apply to specific problem areas
  • Leverage problem-solution formulas that have produced desired outcomes and make them available across your organization

Anticipate problems instead of being taken by surprise

Data analysis enables you to establish a solution-oriented mindset. It also enables you to forecast potential problem areas.

Again, trends are key here rather than isolated occurrences. Certain variables could be the root cause. And staying a step ahead of them using data is wise.

  • Avoid over-analysis by keeping problem scenarios on your corporate radar.
  • Re-boot effective solutions and be open to new data that are uncovered by your algorithms.
  • Save time by having an appropriate solution in the queue for anticipated problems.

Follow data analysis best-practices and evolve on-demand

Innovation is consistent around data analytics. Data-based problem solving is one part acquisition (of the data) and another part using the data (to solve the current or future problem).

Data mining has become more streamlined. Time and team energy have been saved as more and more automation is involved.

Select tools that are specifically dedicated to data analytics. They provide full function, best-practice strategies for business problem-solving. A platform’s ability to extract, sort, and share relevant data makes it possible to scale your problem-solving system across your dental organization.

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Equip your dental practice, group practice, or DSO for data analysis that produces informed solutions to your business related problems

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