Leveraging Data to Transform the Practice

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Leveraging Data to Transform the Practice

Aug 23, 2021

This article was originally published on Dental Product Shopper on August 23, 2021.

With comprehensive business analytics tools, Henry Schein One offers practices the insights needed to make impactful decisions on improving efficiency, increasing revenue, and maintaining clinical excellence

No matter how big or small, every dental practice stands to benefit from working smarter, growing faster, and making patients happier. It’s been the mission of Henry Schein One to help practices accomplish those goals by offering connected solutions that speed up workflows, automate tasks, and improve the patient experience.

From practice management solutions such as Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, and Dentrix Enterprise to marketing and patient engagement platforms like Officite, Demandforce, and Lighthouse 360, Henry Schein One empowers dental teams to implement simple, streamlined processes so they can focus on areas that matter most, such as clinical care, the patient experience, and practice growth.

“Ultimately, every dental practice owner and their teams want less complexity in their lives, and that’s very much aligned with the mission of Henry Schein One—bringing those solutions together to help drive the success of the practice,” Henry Schein One CEO Mike Baird told Dental Product Shopper.

“We find practices using these dental analytics tools just love them for how simply they find the areas to improve for growth.”

– Mike Baird, CEO of Henry Schein One

Accelerating Business Growth

Practice success also is driven by sound business management, which includes data mining and analysis to diagnose problems, strengthen decision-making, and improve business performance. With its acquisition of Jarvis Analytics—a leader in dental analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard solutions for dental organizations of all sizes—Henry Schein One is making it possible for practices to improve nearly every aspect of their business management.

The analytics tool presents an array of customizable insights so that informed decisions can be made to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and maintain clinical excellence.

“I think every practice is trying to grow, and data analytics and business intelligence are really the latest tools that we have to accelerate their growth,” Baird said. “They can see what’s happening in their business and make informed decisions about how to improve their performance. They can run customizable reports and get real-time access to data, and they can bring their teams together through our Daily Huddle feature to look at the metrics that are most important to their practice and align the team in achieving their goals.”

Identify the Areas That Matter Most

Although dental practices have tremendous amounts of data stored in their practice management systems, many offices do not yet consolidate or analyze this disparate information. Jarvis Analytics simplifies the collection of data from multiple sources and organizes it so the information can be presented in real-time reports, dashboards, and other methods. These metrics can also help identify the impact that positive changes could have on projected revenue, including hygiene recall, patient retention, case acceptance, and collection.

“Any practice can benefit from actionable data,” Baird said, noting the fierce competition that exists in the dental market. “There are really two types of practices—those that really focus on the power of their data and those that don’t, and there are significant business advantages for those that invest in data analytics.”

While there are dozens of KPIs available for analysis, Jarvis Analytics can help determine the areas of focus for each practice, according to Baird. “We can automatically help dentists identify the most impactful areas of opportunity with our Practice Potential module, which looks at things like case acceptance and patient retention. We can actually skim through that data, look at the areas that perhaps are more in the red, and help practices prioritize on improving those areas to really drive their success.”

Using Data to Produce Results

Dallas-based Jarvis Analytics was founded in 2017 by Steven Maroulis, who will now lead the Henry Schein One Dental Analytics

business as Executive Director. Jarvis will continue to be practice management system agnostic, working with more than 10 practice management systems, including Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, and Dentrix Enterprise. The analytics tools will eventually become integrated into select Henry Schein One practice management systems, making it possible to deliver one digital workflow that simplifies management while improving business performance.

The service represents an easy way to leverage the data necessary to drive operational efficiencies and growth. For those practices just diving in, the onboarding process is made simple with tutorials and videos, as well as live training for the team on how to use the data. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate the dashboard at a glance. “We fi nd practices using these dental analytics tools just love them for how simply they find the areas to improve for growth,” Baird said.

For Henry Schein One, this newest offering represents another way of helping the dental practice with best-in-class software solutions that integrate seamlessly—allowing the practice to work with a single vendor and avoid the tedious tasks of stitching together software programs and technologies that may not work as well together. “It’s ultimately about simplicity,” Baird concluded. “We want dentists to be able to focus on patient care and leave the rest to us. We’re here to help them drive better care for patients—that’s the unified goal for Henry Schein One and the practices that we serve every day.”