2022 Best Practices for Data-Driven Teams, Systems, and Workflows

Jan 05, 2022

New Year…fresh start! Data usage remains a core theme for the growth of your dental practice, dental group, or DSO. And some of the content we’ve covered in the past year can help you prioritize your data analytics best practices for 2022 and beyond.

Best practices for data-driven teams, systems, and workflows

It’s 2022 and we’re at that point forecasted by Gartner.

”By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.”

Data isn’t the new-kid-on-the-block. But your operational efficiency relies more and more on how you use your data to streamline your dental organization’s internal processes.

In terms of data priorities “hygiene visits” are at the top according to Keith Miller, leader of Partnerships for Dentists’ growth and DSO operations.

”Hygiene visits are what drive every practice. We see what’s trending month-to-month and year-over-year to ensure practices are retaining and growing their hygiene department. It’s about how many patients come in the door.”

Certain metrics are at the core of a profitable hygiene strategy such as recall.

  • Segmentation of your target audience into demographics
  • Communication zones and timing relative to patient contact
  • Messaging types and their relevance to your patients

Continue exploring more top-shelf dental operations wisdom (including your hygiene department) here:

Hygiene Recalls: An Essential Metric to Track and How to Improve Your System

The Importance Of Dental Data Analytics For Achieving Operational Excellence

Hygiene momentum isn’t the only zone where data rules. Your team(s) morning huddle routine is a data-friendly zone as well.

It’s easy for your morning huddles to entropy into a schedule re-hash or news of the day exchange. But there’s more to be gained when you inject KPIs into the conversation.

  • Actionable schedule reviews to fill “holes”
  • Identify scheduled patients with unscheduled treatment on record
  • Trouble-shoot cancellation and no-show opportunities (yes, opportunities!)
  • Communicate and collaborate about next-step team goals

That’s a lot to cover in the 15 to 20 minutes you allow for huddles. But the investment in more strategic, data-driven conversations will improve workflows across your dental organization.

Check out the following resource to give you morning huddles a reboot:

How to Use Data Analytics in Your Morning Huddle to Increase Practice Success

Workflow automation and the technology behind it are setting the pace now and in the months to come. It’s helpful to narrow your automation goals to a few best practices.

The synergy between your overall dental practice management systems and your clinical operations is a workflow linchpin.

  • Integrating EHR (Electronic Health Records) technology into your systems
  • Customizing “intelligent” workflows that require less training
  • Increase efficiency using 3D imaging in a cloud-based practice management system
  • Expand care access and collaboration using a dedicated teledentistry platform

Dive deeper into these automation and tech-themed best practices:

What Are the Emerging Workflow and Automation Best Practices for Your Dental Business?

The team defines the value each person brings to your dental organization. Among your team(s) the front-office influences the business of dentistry in significant ways.

Front-office productivity relies on team members applying available practice, organizational, and patient data to their tasks.

  • Refine task “delegation” to help assure that essential workflow are productive and resource-efficient
  • Enhance productivity around the culture of each practice in your organization – without investing unnecessary energy in multi-tasking. “Task-batching” and “task-timing” helps keep this in check.
  • Test technology gaps and determine how automation, online capabilities, and patient communication can be improved or refined.

Your front-office team(s) carry a lot of weight relative to workflow and system efficiency. Data comes at them fast so it makes sense to keep them equipped.

Encourage your front-office team with the insights covered in the following resource:

Improve Your Dental Front-Office Productivity By Maximizing Your Team and Technology

And speaking of equipping – not just your front-office but your entire operational environment…

Data-driven best practices for your dental organization’s operations and workflows rely on proven technology

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on track with your operations and team workflows as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands.

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