Strategic Insight and Action That Can Help You Prioritize Your Dental Hygiene Reappointments

Feb 01, 2023

Priorities. Those can be overwhelming when you consider the amount of data demanding your attention across your dental practice or dental organization.

Although, one area that deserves high priority are your dental hygiene reappointments.

Your numbers tell a story

How are you doing (really) with those numbers? A surprising percentage of practice owners or practice managers can operate under the assumption that their hygiene reappointment rates are higher than they actually are.

”The industrywide reappointment rate has stayed at 60%…”

That average percentage might seem acceptable until you realize what an increase can deliver in terms of your revenue stream

Prioritizing your hygiene reappointment percentages can produce noticeable momentum in the short term and certainly in the long-term such as six months down the road.

  • Analyze the total number of hygiene patients who kept their appointments during a specific time span.
  • Focus on the number of patients who left your office with their next hygiene appointments already on the schedule.

Percentages around those actions will tell the story of how well you’re doing with reappointment…or not.

Remember, what’s tracked (and prioritized) can be improved

If you’re committed to creating a new story around your hygiene reappointment data, your tracking strategies can make a difference.

Increase your intentionality

An accountable tracking system is optimum. But like with many of your measurables, sustaining accountability is a challenge.

  • Create a tracking system that provides an accurate scope on your reappointment numbers. For example, if an analog approach works for a responsible team member, empower them to use a hands-on spreadsheet. And if digital is more their style, give them the green light as well.
  • Audit hygiene patients according to their actual appointments, those who are rescheduled, and the specific date they are rescheduled.

Maximize your practice management software (PMS)

The reporting module in your PMS or a capable dental analytics dashboard are powerful tools. The key is using them if available or evaluating their capacity for helping you achieve your hygiene reappointment goals. 

  • Consider a software upgrade. This zone of data analysis is too vital to limp through.
  • Use automation if you have the capability. This helps ensure that specific key performance indicators (such as your hygiene metrics) are routinely and consistently monitored.

Actions that can help when prioritizing your hygiene reappointment numbers

Specific actions are common for those who experience a higher percentage of reappointments. Apply and/or adapt the following tips to help increase your percentages.

Give your patients “high-fives” when they make their oral health a priority

A relevant and specific compliment encourages your patients to stay consistent with their dental care. 

Empower your hygienists and their ownership in reappointing patients

Encourage your hygiene team to be intentional about patient reappointments. Be directive rather than permissive. “Let’s get you scheduled for your next appointment…” is more intentional than “Do you want to schedule your next appointment while you’re here?”

Crowdsource your scheduling narrative

Remind patients that a number of your patients like the convenience of scheduling their next appointment now rather than later. 

High-priority metrics—like hygiene reappointments—require focus and strategy. Refine your systems and strategies using insight from the following resources: 

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Prioritize your dental practice or dental organization measurables with the support of proven data analytics tools 

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