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Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Ignite New Patient Acquisition!

Apr 27, 2021

By Amol Nirgudkar, Co-Founder and CEO of Patient Prism, LLC 

What’s the difference between an average DSO and a thriving one? Actionable Intelligence.

One of the key metrics that group practices do not measure is the rate of new patient conversion on the phone. Do you know how many patients called your practice and did not schedule? Almost 50% of new patients don’t schedule on the first phone call. You can fix that with Patient Prism, the call intelligence solution that allows you to quickly recover these lost revenue opportunities.

Beyond call tracking, Patient Prism converts unscheduled patients.

Patient Prism records and analyzes new patient phone calls, identifies the people who did not schedule, and sends a call coaching alert back to the practice within 30 minutes with actionable intelligence about those missed opportunities. Imagine the difference it makes to have your team know exactly what they should say differently to address the caller’s questions and book the appointment – which is why the patient called in the first place.

The coaching tips provided in the alerts are from the top experts in the country. It’s like having a virtual coach for every new patient phone call. 

Callbacks work! About 25% of the patients who are called back will come back. That has a significant impact on practice revenue. 

And the front desk or call center team can apply the call coaching tips to future phone calls. That will increase the number of new patients scheduled on the first try. 

AI-powered call analytics provide deep insights into operations.

Successful dental groups measure what they want to manage. Patient Prism uses AI-powered natural language processing and machine learning to provide deep insights into conversation analytics. Once you identify weaknesses, you can immediately correct them.

Managers can easily see how many people asked about implants, the percentage booked, and the revenue opportunity won or lost. They can see how many people said they had Delta Dental PPO, or spoke Spanish, or were in pain. 

Those deep insights help managers identify where to expand services, insurance participation, staffing, or hours to meet the needs of the community. It removes the need to guess and replaces it with actual statistics that can be used to make solid, data-driven decisions. 

If the schedule is looking light, is it because no patients are calling? Is it because potential patients called but weren’t scheduled? Is it because scheduled patients canceled their appointments? Or is it a combination of these? Patient Prism categorizes phone calls into new patients booked or not booked, current patients booked or not booked, appointment cancellations, appointments rescheduled, solicitations, and general calls. 

Patient Prism also tracks call volume by the hour, voicemails, and the number of callers who hung up on hold. That helps the operations team make staffing decisions to improve customer service. 

Beyond marketing attribution, Patient Prism tracks revenue opportunities.

Patent Prism increases marketing effectiveness in multiple ways. In addition to lowering your cost of patient acquisition by significantly increasing the percentage of leads you convert, you learn how patients are finding your practice, the keywords they use, and the revenue opportunity each caller represents.

First, Patient Prism shows how patients are finding the practice. Call tracking numbers are specific phone numbers that instantly forward to the dental practice or call center. A practice typically has one call tracking number on its website, a second number on its Google Map Listing, the third number on its Facebook ads, the fourth number on its pay-per-click ads, a fifth number for referring insurance companies, etc.

Patient Prism’s algorithms then show how many patients came in through each marketing method, how many booked, and the revenue opportunity based on the services requested during the calls. That type of detailed data clearly ties the return-on-investment (ROI) to the marketing strategies and motivates team members to increase their conversion.

You can fine-tune your marketing and adjust your marketing budget with confidence because now you know exactly which marketing channels and campaigns work best! 

At last, you have real-time data to grow your dental group.

Having real-time data lets DSO executives make the right decisions for growing their practices. They know exactly where opportunities are for expanding services and improving operations, marketing, staffing, and team training. 

Patient Prism holds five utility patents issued by the USPTO and is the only call tracking company that leverages artificial intelligence and human call coaching validation to deliver patients directly to your practice.   

See how Patient Prism can help you achieve your goals for this year. Visit to schedule a call today. 


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