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4 Reasons You Should Be Using Smart Technology In Your Dental Practice

Mar 10, 2022

This article was originally published on Group Dentistry Now on January 25, 2022.

Smart technology is all around us for a good reason. Smart technology can assist you in driving productivity, adaptability and efficiency in your dental practice while empowering your team to be at their best and your patients to have an exceptional experience

You’ve heard of smart technology. It’s all around us. Smart doesn’t mean technology is on-trend or flashy. To be smart, the technology needs to drive productivity, adaptability and efficiency, making everyone’s jobs easier. It means the technology empowers your team to be at their best and empowers your patients to have an exceptional experience.

Since smart technology makes our lives so much easier, why not make it part of your strategy to make your dental practice thrive? Here are four reasons you should use smart technology in your dental practice.

1. Data Helps You Stay Productive

Smart technology can provide your practice with the data you need to stay productive. Regularly looking at your practice’s data — how many patients you saw last month, what your daily revenue looked like, which team members were the most efficient — can help you meet your goals. Whether you want to increase production or schedule patients in a more efficient way, smart technology can help by providing insight into your practice so you can strategize and determine a realistic plan to meet your goals.

2. Adaptability Helps You Meet More Goals

What happens when something goes wrong, and you are thrown off your plan to meet your goals? The more data your Smart technology can provide you with, the easier you can adapt your plan. For example, if two patients miss their appointments in one day, you can look to your data to see what revenue was lost and what you can do to make it up. Maybe your data will show that the extra emergency patient you saw yesterday already made up for the lost revenue, or maybe it will show that missed appointments are becoming a trend in your practice. Then you know your front desk team should start reminding patients of their upcoming appointments closer to their appointment times. Monitoring your data will help you stay flexible, so your revenue goals can stay the same while the way you achieve those goals can pivot as needed.

3. Easy Automation Means More Production

As your data helps boost productivity, you may find patient care protocols become more complex and your growth and productivity curves increase. Smart technology can help you stay on top of these with automation, by helping you do things faster and even taking on some tasks for you. As your practice becomes more efficient, you can see more patients, which means your production and revenue increase.

3. Information Empowers Your Team

Smart technology makes every team member’s job easier because it informs good decisions and processes. When your team has the data to make a good decision and the automation to implement that decision efficiently, your practice can thrive. For example, smart technology can provide you with comprehensive practice data reports like a daily huddle report. This report can give your team the information they need to make the best decisions quickly, empowering each team member and, in turn, empowering your practice.

4. Technology: The Key to the Patient Experience

Smart technology can provide your practice with the data you need to support an exceptional patient experience. It starts before patients arrive at your practice with treatment reminders that sync with patient data via your practice management software. Once they arrive, patients can fill out efficient digital forms and enjoy streamlined appointments with the personal touch of your informed team. And after they leave, they can feel confident and pleased with the personalized results you gave them — all with the help of Smart technology.

Jarvis Analytics — A Smart Solution

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