New England Dental Group tracks data through a bold, assertive approach

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New England Dental Group tracks data through a bold, assertive approach

Dec 08, 2021

This article was originally published on Dental Group Practice on December 8, 2021.

Its business center uses Jarvis Analytics’ tools to measure, calibrate campaign effectiveness

DSOs produce volumes of data each day. This is exciting and challenging for everyone in the marketing department of a dental business. But they must have a level of fluency in data and analytics to measure their marketing efforts and adjust their operations in real-time.

New England Dental Group (NEDG) has six dental practices around the Boston area and will add two more by the end of 2021. It measures its marketing efforts through Google Ads and Google Analytics, but it also uses Jarvis Analytics’ many modules including KPIs, CRM and Marketing Matchback. It assesses KPIs like conversion rate, hygiene visits, production and revenue numbers, spend at each location and demographics.

“This allows us to track our data and pivot at any point,” said Caroline Coogan, Director of Marketing for New England Dental Group. “We apply it to real-life operations through our business center.” Coogan said NEDG has an aggressive approach in its business center, so it’s important to stay on top of data on a daily basis to tweak campaigns.

“Advances in data have reset our understanding because we are able to understand demographics, varying by location, which allows us to target more effectively through promotions,” Coogan said. This allows NEDG to discern its existing patient base through dental history and trends, and track how well its outreach campaigns and marketing performs, which is segmented by office, provider and other categories. “This helps us find new opportunities to increase our outreach efforts using both analytics and dental dashboards,” Coogan added.

And that gives NEDG another important metric – line of business.

“This is great because we can see how each doctor and hygienist is performing and KPIs will tell us what is falling off and in which area,” Coogan said. “The dashboards within Jarvis Analytics allow us to see raw data. I can take direct numbers and see what needs to be changed as we uncover insights.”

Jarvis Analytics gives NEDG a breakdown of revenue for gross production, total collection, total new patients and total existing patients while breaking it all down by location and provider. It also compares this data to the previous year and automatically calculates the differences.

The Marketing Matchback module by Jarvis Analytics tracks the patient journey from lead to production. A matchback is defined as a new or existing patient who visits the practice within 60 days from the first lead. It can help determine which marketing campaigns generate the most patient production and where the patients come from. It tracks key metrics including first visit revenue, first-year revenue, cost per lead and matchback visit production.

“The Marketing Matchback module is awesome,” Coogan emphasized. “It gives me the ability to literally look at each matchback broken down by source for both new and existing patients,” Coogan said that in November she was able to track over 20 patients that came directly from Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The data also allowed her to see which exact campaign worked effectively and which campaigns needed improvement.

“I’m able to see which campaign the patient came from, allowing me to reference my cost per lead and compare it to first visit revenue,” Coogan said. “I can predict which messages to deliver to customers just from analyzing this raw data. It gives me insights on which procedures patients are most interested in and what’s in demand.”

NEDG pays attention to user behavior and understands how and when to adjust its messaging. It tracks user behavior in its digital efforts while also listening to what patients are saying to ensure its messaging matches.

“We fine-tune our marketing channels by assuring our objectives are aligning with our brand,” Coogan concluded. “Our CRM growth enables us to convert better leads and use data to understand how well our locations are doing. We’re able to get a visual representation for our promotional packages and our return on investment (ROI) while tracking patient analytics.”

Jarvis Analytics is at the heart of NEDG’s analytical approach to driving growth.

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