Meet Your Patients Where They Are With Online Scheduling

Oct 09, 2023

One core value that naturally drives your dental practice, group dental practice or DSO (dental support organization) is patient care. Technology and the digital environment have (and are) expanding on that value to include enhancing the patient experience.

Online scheduling is among the technologies being integrated into dental practice management systems. Alongside data analytics, online scheduling innovations are helping improve and redefine the dental patient experience for dental practices and DSOs.

You might have a few basic questions, such as:

  • How is online scheduling  used?
  • What are the benefits of online scheduling?
  • What benefits can your patients experience when you provide online scheduling?

Those are worthwhile questions that, when answered and applied, can enhance your patient care and transform your patient experience.

How online scheduling can be used in your dental practice or DSO

Scheduling new patients

The data input required for new patients can be overwhelming for them and your team members. Keep in mind that new patients (like the general population) are accustomed to a digital lifestyle.

Online scheduling certainly has a place in the digital universe.

  • New patients can schedule an initial consultation or an examination without having to phone your office during business hours.
  • Patients can review available blocks of time and select one that fits their schedule.
  • Patients can securely provide the details of their pending appointment or the specifics of their dental issue.

Reappointing hygiene patients

Your patients have a lot on their minds. And a dental appointment isn’t typically at the forefront — until a problem arises.

Online scheduling technology can provide a sort of “second brain” for your patients.

  • Reminders can be created and delivered to patients to encourage them to schedule their next hygiene appointment.
  • A one-click prompt allows patients to choose a preferred time and seamlessly rebook their next appointment.

Emergency patient exams

A dental emergency is unpredictable. When a patient faces one, they often either panic or postpone, hoping the problem will take care of itself.

Online scheduling solutions help eliminate panic or pause for your patients.

  • Opportunity to schedule an emergency consultation without waiting for office hours.
  • The system can flag the appointment as “urgent,” prompting your team to respond in a timely way.

Patient consults with specialists

Online scheduling can help coordinate a necessary consultation between your patient, you/your team of providers and a designated specialist.

The digital option provides a more streamlined process that ensures your patients are making the specialist connection without unnecessary delay.

With those significant use cases in mind, let’s drill down into some of the key benefits of online scheduling.

The benefits of online scheduling to your dental practice or DSO

An increase in efficiency and productivity

Consider the time it takes for the manual input of appointment data. The administrative tasks consume a necessary but substantial amount of productive energy.

Online scheduling:

  • Automates certain scheduling details
  • Streamlines administrative workflows
  • Safeguards against scheduling mistakes
  • Optimizes available production hours for providers

A reduced amount of no-shows

Again, automation wins the day here. Automated reminders can be queued and delivered via an online scheduling portal.

  • Fewer missed appointments
  • Improved time utilization
  • Production and revenue flow consistency

An accessible practice

Patient interaction with your dental practice doesn’t have to be at the mercy of your office hours. The digital environment provided by the internet creates a 24/7 opportunity to maintain patient connections.

Online scheduling gives patients the option to schedule anytime, anywhere.

This capability can lead to:

  • An increase in appointments scheduled
  • Patient satisfaction regarding your availability

A better approach to patient data management

An online scheduling system could integrate seamlessly with your current dental practice management platform.

Centralize your patient records, appointment and care histories, and patient treatment plans.

Online scheduling use cases and the related benefits to your patients and your practice and/or dental organization more than validates the innovation. The technology has the capacity to maximize the affinity you and your patients already have with the digital lifestyle.

Consider this an introduction to the online scheduling environment. There is more to come.

Data analytics alongside online scheduling technology is a win-win

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps ensure that you’re tracking useful patient data and the important metrics as well as staying on track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands.

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