The Unique Contribution of Dental Hygiene Metrics to Practice and Dental Groups’ Success


The Unique Contribution of Dental Hygiene Metrics to Practice and Dental Groups’ Success

May 04, 2021

There’s a “cringe-factor” felt by some dental hygienists.

It often happens at the mention of numbers, metrics, or KPIs.

Avoidance aside, those dental hygiene metrics and KPIs have more to do with patient care than you (and/or your hygiene teams) might realize.

The upside of knowing the numbers that matter

Production metrics might seem insensitive to the core of providing dentistry. As with any measurable, it’s essential to keep the bigger picture in mind:

Each production value is a patient who can (and will) benefit from treatment.

Seeing metrics as more than mere spreadsheet-fodder can actually motivate your hygiene team(s). It boils down to doing what’s best for the patient. And that’s where hygienists have a strategic connection.

Align your hygienists with a what’s-best-for-patients goal and it’s more likely that the positive metrics will follow. It’s the “dance” that blends patient care and the business of dentistry.

What’s tracked is improved: how to confirm the impact of your hygiene team(s) on your practice or dental groups revenue

On average, hygiene produces 30% of total practice production. That’s the impact of your hygienists on gross revenue.

The following will give you and your dental hygiene team(s) perspective on the leverage they provide your practice or DSO.

Case acceptance success

Patients that have a strong relationship with your dental practice(s) are more likely to say “yes” to treatment. And the team members that have a strong influence on those relationships – your hygienists!

It’s worth noting (and tracking) that many patients will ask their hygienist questions about procedures. Patient affinity with a particular hygienist is typically solid thus the trust they place in them related to treatment decisions.

Your dental hygienists have unique insight into a patient’s fears, concerns, lifestyle, etc. It’s a good idea to download their patient conversations so every department can benefit from your hygienist’s patient perspective.

Restorative revenue drivers

Your dental hygiene department can help generate up to 75% of what’s considered restorative treatment needs. Hygienists are skilled at screening a patient’s problem areas and helping bring those to your attention as the dentist.

Your hygiene team(s) are on-point to highlight the value of restorative treatment. It’s essential to keep the communication and teamwork fluid between hygiene and clinical team members – especially relative to restorative procedures.

Commitment to personal growth and overall practice success

As you’re aware, your dental hygiene team(s) are a “front-door” department for comprehensive patient care. Production and revenue is a major contribution of your hygienists.

Their value to your practice/organization deserves support, access to training, and routine conversations relative to insights from their unique patient relationships.

The more your hygienists gain and apply new skills the more success you can expect in your practice or across your DSO. You truly can’t afford for any hygienist to be disconnected from the business side of dentistry.

  • Keep communication open and honest about their business of dentistry mindset
  • Provide them the opportunity to be mentored by another hygienist with tenure and/or business savvy
  • Routinely expose them to business goals and the fundamentals that help them maintain an appreciation for metrics and KPIs

As with all numbers, it’s ultimately about your patient care standard. Patients who feel connected to your hygiene team(s) will stay loyal to your services.

Hygiene success equals practice and/or organizational success! Check out this resource to drill down into your dental hygiene metrics:

Hygiene Recalls: An Essential Metric to Track and How to Improve Your System

Equip your dental hygiene department(s) with a hygienist-friendly dental dashboard

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps assure that you’re tracking patient behavior and staying on track with your hygiene recall system.

The Hygiene Recall Module is part of the informative resources within Jarvis University. It’s the perfect place to get informed about recall steps and other practice management insights.

The Jarvis platform…

  • Integrates seamlessly with your chosen practice management software/platform
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