A Review of Data-Driven Best Practices for Your Dental Marketing, Dental Patient Referrals and Dental Patient Retention

Dec 21, 2022

Aim at nothing, and you’ll hit the target every time. 

That’s probably not the brand of consistency you’re wanting for your dental practice or dental organization.

But often that’s the reality especially if your strategies are random and lack the energy of data-driven best practices for your dental marketing, dental referrals, and dental patient retention.

Distilling your dental practice data into a set of best practices can help direct your “aim.” 

A reminder from the technology research and consulting firm, Gartner, is useful once again as you move into a new year or new goal-setting era in your dental practice or dental organization.

“…more than 90% of business leaders view data as a strategic asset, yet fewer than 10% utilize its monetary value.” 1

What if you could aim your data “assets” at your dental marketing and patient engagement strategies? Let’s explore some previously covered best practices in this essential zone of your dental practice culture.

Data-driven best practices for your dental marketing, dental patient referrals, and dental patient retention

The key is aiming your strategies. Your data provides you with an opportunity to avoid random (and potentially costly) approaches. 

It’s about listening to your data and what it can clearly define about your current and potential patients as you refine your marketing and engagement.

A crystal ball would be nice…but you’ll discover that your available or discovered data can function in much the same way.

Demystify your data to improve your dental marketing.

It’s common for data analysis to feel overwhelming. You might also feel as though there’s some code to be deciphered in order to understand it.

Let’s simplify the process relative to your dental marketing and “demystify” the data. The goal: Allow your data to inform your dental marketing.

  • Identify and collect the data sets that reveal how your patients are connecting with your dental practice. Digital channels? Ads? Email? Social media? Reviews? Referrals?
  • Analyze the data that tracks how patients are engaging with each of your dental marketing channels. How did they find out about you — such as clicks, opens and views?
  • Strategize around your data, and refine your dental marketing. Set goals. Test. Refine. Personalize your message around demographics.

Explore this fundamental dental marketing best practice here: 

Use Data Analysis for More Well-Informed and Effective Dental Marketing

It could be time to rethink your overall dental marketing strategy. Related data might be compelling you to take a deeper dive into improving your dental marketing ROI.

For example, where are you investing your time, energy and…money?

  • Google AdWords?
  • Social media?
  • Direct mailers?
  • Content marketing?

Each delivers value. But are there available, untapped marketing resources you could invest in?

Data analytics provides the potential for your dental marketing to be less random and more focused on patient personas.

  • Opportunity cost per patient such as their inquiries about services, practice information and referrals.
  • Acquisition cost per patient that tracks a patient’s treatment “journey” from initial contact to an appointment (what got them in the chair?).
  • Follow-up and re-care data that reveals their ongoing loyalty to your practice/services.
  • Phone call conversion data that informs you about who converts to an appointment and why.
  • Lifetime patient value data that highlights patient engagement and retention behaviors.

The following best-practice resource explores the strategies that can enable your dental marketing to be more intentional and deliver a better ROI:

The Deeper Data That Can Improve Your Dental Marketing ROI 

One proof of effective patient engagement is the quantity and quality of their referrals. Word of mouth still holds value for dental patient attraction and acquisition.

Referral data…

  • Refines your dental marketing strategies.
  • Reflects on the impact of your patient experience.
  • Reminds your patients that their relationship with your practice matters.

Referrals provide valuable insight into a patient’s journey and ongoing relationship with your dental practice.

  • A referral reveals that “everyone starts somewhere.” And knowing your referral sources can keep you in tune with how well you’re engaging with patients.
  • Referrals help eliminate the ambiguity by defining the “somewhere” point of contact. Was it a particular social media channel, a particular blog post on your site, a specific Google keyword search, etc.?
  • Referral data provides an opportunity to engage with (and thank) those who are consistently referring you/your services.

Referral data can be an untapped dental marketing resource. Discover more related insights for using it to your advantage.

The Basics of How to Track and Maximize Dental Patient Referral Data

What’s the ultimate goal of your dental marketing (besides scheduled production)? How about a long-term, loyal patient relationship?

Dental patient retention could be the ultimate test of your dental marketing. 

Even though you might not retain everyone, it makes sense to invest your energy in discovering why your patients stick around.

  • Start by understanding why patients leave. Location, chair side manner and appointment timeliness are common reasons.
  • Let your patient data guide you. Focus on scheduling, billing, communication, and team performance.
  • Leverage relationship building solutions. Emphasize listening skills, communication frequency and content solutions.
  • Learn from experience and example. Adopt the mind of a consultant, track referrals and reviews, and watch and learn from industry colleagues.

Dental patient retention doesn’t happen by default. Discover how to be more intentional here:

How to Improve Dental Patient Retention for Long-Term Relationships

Give your data-driven best practices for dental marketing and patient engagement an advantage 

The Jarvis Analytics platform helps ensure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on track with your operations, team workflows and marketing as your dental practice grows and expands. 

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