Jarvis will help your dental practice clients increase case acceptance & hygiene recall, improve patient retention, and grow revenues.

As a Jarvis partner, you will have the data to explain your value proposition and provide better solutions to new and existing clients. You’ll spend less time and investment on organizing, storing and finding the right information to add value to your practice clients.

Join Jarvis and empower your clients in growing their practices with more loyal patients who visit the practice more regularly, accept more treatment and generate more revenue. With Jarvis, practices can track their performance relative to custom KPIs and identify areas for improvement.

Jarvis offers three different types of collaborative partnerships:

Marketing Partner

Jarvis and its Marketing Partners agree to market each other to their respective client bases to generate business for each other. We pass leads to each other, and each party follows up to close the deal without any financial remuneration.

Affiliate Partner

Jarvis will work closely with affiliate partners to identify leads, and this may require coordinated sales efforts. Jarvis affiliate partners are compensated for their lead generation and/or other roles they play in supporting Jarvis in winning new business.

Reseller Partner

Jarvis is fully committed to the joint success of our reseller partners. Our company goals are fully aligned with yours, and we will support each other’s businesses. These partnerships can take many different forms, and we are committed to finding a structure that works perfectly for mutual benefit.

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Jarvis already is working with many different partners including:


Jarvis is an industry-leading dental analytics platform that will unleash the potential and increase the revenue of a solo or a group practice, or a DSO. Jarvis partners with dental industry consultants to help practices leverage the full power of the Jarvis platform.

Certified Public Accountants and other Financial Advisors

Calling all advisors : Your practice clients are relying on you for insight on how to manage their businesses with greater focus on cash efficiency and profitability. By using the Jarvis platform, you will have insights into practice data that will equip you to highlight hidden revenue opportunities, find ways to manage costs more efficiently, and improve cash flow by shortening the revenue cycle.

Marketing Firms

Jarvis’ Marketing Matchback Module matches production to marketing spend, and helps calculate ROI per campaign. This information will give you a competitive advantage for helping your practice clients manage their marketing campaigns and where they should spend their marketing dollars for better returns.

Software Companies

Jarvis wants to partner with you in optimizing dental practices further. Jarvis will provide open APIs and will work with your team to allow seamless integration.

Key Opinion Leaders

There are thousands of practices utilizing the Jarvis platform and our library of KPIs. We use our learnings to partner with KOLs and support their research efforts while providing insight to their practice clients.

Private Equity Funds

Analysis of your target practice’s production and KPIs is vital to ensure that your diligence is done accurately and that the target’s valuation is fair. Installing Jarvis Analytics in the target practice for 1-2 months makes this process simple and easy. Jarvis is built to turn data into actionable insights!

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Contact us today to find out more & Partner With Jarvis!

Our goal is to help dental practices do more and better dentistry. Join forces with us, and watch your business grow. With Jarvis, you will see the true performance of a dental practice and define the data-driven value of your offering to the practice.

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